How to use other messenger clients with 12Planet Instant Messaging Server

Install the MessengerConnector tool which you have to install to allow end users to use the Windows Messenger 4.6 application with the private Instant Messaging network.

You can download Windows Messenger 4.6 from

Configure 12Planet MessengerConnector

1. download the messenger connector here, install it

2. To configure the private server network access information, right click on the traybar icon to change the configuration of the Messenger Connector

3. Type-in this field the server IP: or the server name, click on OK to validate

4. To switch between Private/MSN® networks, left click on the traybar icon to select your network.


To install 12Planet Messenger Client as a Windows Tray bar application with automatic startup

Below is the link to the Windows Traybar version of Messenger installer, you need administrative rights to install this software. Make sure to check "Create Icons for All Users" in the "Choose Shortcut Folder" to install the software for non administor account users.

download the software here