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Efficient communication in internet and extranet environments has now become a "must have" for all retailers and marketplace hosts.

E-crm and Internet experts report that new methods of online customer service will bring new levels of customer satisfaction. Online vehicles for customer service, such as instant messaging (IM) and online chat, combine the best features of offline and online customer service. Interactive and instant communication solutions enable companies to offer customers the immediate, personal, human attention, with the convenience of at-home instant access.

Thanks to chat, forum, conference and other instant messaging platforms for web sites or portals, 12Planet helps your company:

  • achieve significant gains in productivity
  • close sales more quickly and get rid of the problem of abandoned baskets
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • improve collaborative work with employees and partners
  • save on operating costs

12Planet solutions assure ROI and short time-to-market thanks to 12Planet's eLiveEngine technology™.


Instant services for customers

  • inform and advise them in real time
  • deliver online documents in a wide range of formats
  • set up a reliable instant alert system to inform customers about orders, delivery dates etc.

Collaborative work solutions

  • create instant communication among salespeople, supervisors, managers, trading partners
  • integrate an instant messaging networks with corporate information system
  • organize online meetings, seminars and conferences for salespeople, marketing and salesmanagers, and invite trading partners...
  • feed a knowledge base with FAQs for online service representatives to use
  • build a discussion space available on web sites or intranet portals for selected users (online sales representatives, important customers…)

Live web events and interactive services

  • invite industrial experts tol talk in real time with customers, salespeople, trading partners
  • invite celebrities to dynamize portals and attract visitors
  • offer free discussion space with chat rooms on internet or intranet portals

Go farther in instant communication

  • create custom branded instant messaging networks
  • offer voice communication
  • extend communication application to wireless devices (PDAs, mobile phones…)