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Efficient and reliable real time communication has now become a "must have" for e-learning institutions!

Interest is growing in educational and commercial organizations. 80 percent of the top U.S. and European universities will actually offer global courses by 2005. According to recent studies, today's students not only expect institutions to provide access to course materials that fits their schedules. They expect online access to both academic and administrative services and crave an interactive and multimedia classroom learning experience.

Thanks to 12Planet chat, forum, conference and instant messaging platforms, 12Planet helps learning centers, corporations or academic institutions:

  • differentiate from other current e-learning institutions by offering a unique learning experience
  • exceed students expectations by enabling real-time discussion and instant assistance with teachers and members of administrative services
  • create learning communities as a part of courses, for students to participate in online support groups, chat rooms, discussion forums...

12Planet solutions assure ROI and short time-to-market thanks to 12Planet's eLiveEngine technology™.


Collaborative work solutions

  • create instant communication networks for students, teachers, educational partners and representatives of administrative services
  • organize teachers and student meetings or specific workshop sessions
  • broadcast knowledge over the net
  • store reliable and high quality information for learners to reach thanks to a public or private access to a forum and a user rights system
  • collect the content of forum postings to feed a knowledge base to be used by online students, teachers and online service representatives
  • deliver documents in a wide range of formats

Instant services for customers

  • provide instant assistance to distant students : specific information, technical support, guidance, advice
  • offer online administrative services
  • discuss with them both in real time and in their native language
  • deliver documents in a wide range of formats
  • set up a reliable instant alert system to inform students about assignment deadlines, events or changes in schedules

Live web events and interactive services

  • invite celebrities on online campuses
  • invite experts to share knowledge and experience with learners while eluding geographical constraints and related housing and travel costs.
  • create chats and forum discussion groups to ensure interactivity between teachers and the audience, or simply among learners themselves

Go further in instant communication

  • create custom branded instant messaging networks
  • offer voice communication
  • extend communication application to wireless devices (PDAs, mobile phones…