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Why choose 12planet Instant Messaging Server?

12Planet Instant Messaging Server has integrated the best features and is a very flexible corporate IM solution.

Our software is very competitively priced, especially because technical support is included. We'll provide you unlimited support and help you to launch the server in production mode.

The look & feel of the product is totally flexible, and can be very plain or very rich, customize the IM interface to fit the graphical specs of your site! Sample interfaces can be seen in the screenshots section.

Be ready for tomorrow, and benefit from the wireless connectivity of the IM server software. Using QuickIM mobile client, your users can connect from anywhere in the world to your network, and be instantly contacted.

Some other benefits :

Commercial support with a lower overall cost

  • 12Planet Instant Messaging has a very low per user cost compared to other commercial solutions
  • An overall cost lower than in house customization of an open source solution, hard to maintain. The deployment of the commercial solution takes only a few days instead of weeks if you are using an open source solution
  • Always available support. As a commercial entity, 12Planet will provide you continuous support of the product so you remain in control of it even when the original technical team who has deployed it is no more available
  • Source code available and support of open source standards. While a commercial product, we make the source code of the solution available, and we maintain a high level of compatibility with major open source standards such as Jabber XMPP

Easy installation

  • Wizard for one click installation
  • Single sign on web integration

Corporate class instant messaging features


  • Create your private and secure instant messaging network
  • Integration with corporate directories
  • Maintenance free zero install web instant messaging client applet
  • Compatible with many open source projects (Miranda IM, Jabber)


  • Multiplatform: support of Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows 2000/XP/2003/NT4, MacOSX
  • Multilingual: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Eastern Asian languages
  • JAVA APIs: integrate it with your current J2EE business applications or portals
  • Single sign on integration with most users membership database or directories (ActiveDirectory, LDAP, mySQL, Oracle)


Graphical skin engine for complete rebranding and custom look and feel



Secure and Reliable

  • firewall compatible
  • VPN support

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