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Sophisticate applications, integrating business specific requirements, can be built using eLiveEngine, the core engine of 12Planet ICS (Instant Communications Suite), an overview of ICS architecture can be downloaded here.

Below is an overview of eLiveEngine. If you wish to discuss about your project with 12Planet, use this form.

Some custom modules 12Planet can provide you are:

  • Instant Messaging Log module: provides IM sessions logging and reporting tools that specifically address the SEC compliance requirements for the financial industry.
  • Instant Messaging Control module: allows companies to selectively control the access of any public IM networks (AIM, Google, MSN).
  • Instant Messaging Wireless Gateway module: offers wireless gateways between corporate IM networks and mobile networks (SMS, GPRS ..)
  • Instant Messaging Network Gateway module: connects company private IM network to other private or public IM networks.
  • Instant Messaging Jabber Gateway: eLiveEngine supports natively the XMPP protocol, and works perfectly for a Jabber/XMPP based instant messaging project
  • Instant Messaging eLiveBuddy module: provides a toolkit for creating "buddies" that serve as push/poll gateways to the rest of company IT systems (directory access, company news, alerts ...).
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