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12Planet Instant Messaging Server is a powerful instant messaging software for building corporate secure instant messaging networks.

Messages exchanged by users will remain private because all the data stay within the company intranet (or extranet through VPN encryption).

The software is easy to install, compatible with major server operating systems.

12Planet Instant Messaging Server software is compatible with QuickIM wireless mobile messenger, available on multiple devices such as Treo phones, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson and most J2ME compatible phones.

12Planet IM server offers controlled access (allow/block) to public IM networks to selected users if some business partners are on public IM networks only. Furthermore, an web version of the IM client can be used by roaming users or partners to instant message with local users without installing any software.

12Planet IM Server is part of 12Planet ICS platform (Instant Communications Suite), an overview of ICS architecture can be downloaded here.



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