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Why choose 12Planet Forum Server ?

12Planet Forum Server is an advanced structured content server. It can be used as a knowledge base server, a bulletin board server or as other structured messages store application where user rights management, moderation, flexible data display template are key requirements. 12Planet Forum Server is not intended to be used as a simple message board and should not be compared to solutions such as phpBB.

Below some main benefits of 12Planet Forum Server:

Easy installation

  • Wizard for one click installation

Advanced Forum Features

  • Knowledge base function thanks to the threaded data structure, forum access rights management, and fully indexed search features
  • Editable messages for reviewing, approving and publishing work-flow management
  • Forums can be moderated
  • Fast search, up to thousands of records within seconds


  • Built in pure Java, 12Planet Forum Server provides APIs for integration with external Enterprise Java applications
  • Multilingual: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian...
  • J2EE compliant: use it standalone or with BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, SUN iPlanet, Oracle Application server
  • Oracle, mySQL and SQL Server compatible
  • Single sign-on to integrate existing users membership database


  • Internationalization: unicode support
  • Templates based data presentation (no programming required to modify the templates), HTML, XML, WML compatible
  • Simultaneous multiple template types support, ex: HTML + XML + WML
  • Thread, Messages view dynamic ordering

Secure and reliable

  • SSL compatible
  • Messages moderation to approve messages before publishing
  • Users Group based security model
  • Access restriction to private forums


  • Robust: J2EE compliance and JDBC databases (mySQL, Oracle 8i) mean rock-solid stability.
  • Fast page caching: frequently read pages are cached for faster performance and increased scalability
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