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Forum Server is now a component of 12Planet Instant Communications Server. 12Planet Forum Server uses persistent discussion boards to provide knowledge sharing and interactive exchange areas either in Internet, intranet or wireless environments.

12Planet Forum Server software delivers companies and organizations a powerful, easy-to-use application to either offer dynamic FAQs management for customers or build interactive communities where people can share information either openly or in a moderated manner. Forum Server is not just another phpBB like message board software, its structured content engine and dynamic content presentation templates (HTML, XML, WML) make far more applications possible.

Key features :

  • message board, bulletin board support
  • zero programming content presentation templates support (skins) for easy customization and graphical branding
  • integration with Oracle, mySQL and SQL Server
  • user rights management
  • moderation
  • single sign-on integration with dynamic web site or intranet portal
  • high load support thanks to a cache engine
  • open solution : server Java APIs
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