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Download a PDF presentation here.


In an effort to suit both the functional and technical aspects of corporate web environments 12Planet eLiveEngine has been designed to provide the following benefits:

Multiplatform server

Flexibility on client side

Integration with any corporate IT system


Proxy/firewall support

High performance & scalability

What makes eLiveEngine unique?

Multiplatform server
eLiveEngine can be installed on all platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris, Linux, HP and IBM) because it relies on 100% pure Java-based technology.

Flexibility on client side

eLiveEngine allows large businesses and organizations to use pure web access to their intranet/extranet or web site: anyone can initiate a conversation or join an online meeting simply using a browser. There is no need to install any additional client software on all end-user machines.

However eLiveEngine also allows companies to install any compliant client software provided by MSN, AOL, Yahoo! and others.

For such specific needs as the customization of their instant messaging client application customers may use the 12Planet IM SDK.

Integration with any corporate IT system
eLiveEngine has been designed to be integrated in any corporate IT system. For instance, if you are already using a specific database or directory for your mail server, you may as well connect it with your eLiveEngine server.
eLiveEngine provides a scalable database but customers can use any corporate directory such as Microsoft’s Active directory, LDAP and SQL directories or any SQL database.

eLiveEngine answers the demand from such industries as financial services, ebanking and e-trading where security is a bottom line requirement.

Customers can therefore benefit from:

  • User authentication to access the server
  • Control of public network access
  • Message archiving
  • Full SSL support (available in version 3.2).
  • Access control to iRooms* and the administration interface thanks to password protection. Please contact us for such facilities.

They can also rely on message encryption and message filtering per iRoom* for very security demanding applications. Please contact us for such facilities.

*iRooms refer to standard discussion spaces enabling instant communication which can be moderated or not according to the different communication schema applied (one-to-one, one-to-many, moderated conference or meeting)

Proxy /firewall support
Companies may allow external users to access corporate servers for specific purposes. They may as well extend online reach for internal users to see and communicate with coworkers, partners, vendors and allow them to access public networks when needed while controlling information exchanges.(available in version 3.2)

High performance & scalability
Thanks to its clustering architecture it allows multiblock deployment for optimized server performances and scalability for high load support.
eLiveEngine is based on a multithreaded architecture that benefits from a multiprocessor machine to support high load.


What makes eLiveEngine unique?

Central management
The web-based administration interface enables IT administrators to manage the server from any computer connected to your network. All they have to do is enter the correct URL in a browser in order to access the administration interface.
From the web-based administration interface IT administrators can create a corporate instant communication network and iRooms, set up users and groups, manage security, log policies, iRoom roles, user profiles and permissions, and monitor server activity and traffic over your wide area network.

Customization & branding
eLiveEngine answers the demand for branding and full customization to suit corporate graphical charters. Developers can modify the look of client applets and web pages as well as the look of the 12Planet Messenger. It enables them to add logos and graphics, define their own icons and therefore use any corporate “look and feel”.

eLiveEngine addresses enterprise concerns about enabling communication whatever language is used. When logging on to initiate an instant communication session, users may choose a language ranging from English or Russian to Chinese or Arabic.
Moreover it is the only software able to integrate any translation service for end-users thanks to an optional server SDK.

Please contact us for such translation facilities.

Evolutivity & Connectivity
While developing eLiveEngine, 12Planet’s development team has made sure customers would always be able to extend in the future the power of the application they implement today. eLiveEngine therefore guarantees evolutivity and connectivity by providing advanced developers with optional modules for :

  • SMS connectivity
  • Voice communication
  • Custom services such as access directory, alerts, real-time translation, company news …

Please contact us for such deployment facilities.

Enhanced user experience

Whether Java applets or desktop-based, client applications provide end-users with a user-friendly interface, skin support, multilingual support, text, colors, fonts and emoticons.

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