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eLiveEngine provides a centralized application platform for companies to...

  • build corporate instant messaging networks
  • enable controlled access to public instant messaging networks
  • create standard applications (moderated chat and non moderated chat)
  • design personalized instant communication applications (for online sales, alerts, news etc.)

...while addressing companies’ main concerns


Security: a key challenge for corporations

Unlike the providers of public instant messaging services and other chat applications, eLiveEngine ensures corporate privacy by protecting the access to online discussion spaces. It keeps your business data safe by using message encryption and offers archiving capabilities to log messages.
You may also entitle employees to use public networks such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo! while controlling access and communications.

Easy integration in a corporate IT system

eLiveEngine enables connectivity with other company servers already in use and with existing databases or directories (LDAP. Active Directory or SQL databases).

Easy deployment

eLiveEngine multi-platform software makes deployment easier for IT administrators enabling easy installation and rapid roll-out . There is no need to install client applications on all end-user machines by using Java client applets.

Centralized Administration

eLiveEngine offers a web-based administration interface for IT administrators to manage the server, users, networks, chat rooms, security and log policies from any browser.

Fun and easy to adopt by everybody

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