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Why choose the 12Planet Chat Server?

12Planet Chat Server has the best features and is a very flexible chat solution. We guarantee you that the server can really handle the load it announces, that it does not need any reboot unless you decide to, as opposed to many free or paid third party solutions that will take you a lot of maintenance efforts as soon as the product enters in production mode and starts to get lots of users. Regularly users report to us that their old solution crashed after getting 100 simultaneous users, 12Planet Chat Server will not.

Our software is very competitively priced, especially because technical support is included. We'll provide you unlimited support and help you to launch the server in production mode.

The look & feel of the product is totally flexible, and can be very plain or very rich, customize the chat interface to fit the graphical specs of your site! Sample interfaces can be seen in the screenshots section.

Some other benefits:

Easy installation

The Chat server software itself can be installed within minutes on any computer (Windows, Linux, Solaris...). Right after the installation, open the web based administration console to see sample chat rooms and use wizards to generate the HTML code for your web pages.


Advanced chat features

Any features you would expect with a modern chat server solution is available: emoticons, smileys, public and private chat sessions.

On top of this, 12Planet Chat Server provides advanced chat room features such as zero programming chat skin support, moderation and celebrity guest user interface support to host large scale chat events, server APIs to connect the chat to external systems such as SMS / WAP gateways, advanced log for SEC compliance, real time translation etc. A sample powerful live communication platform based on 12Planet Chat Server is eLiveService, a live support, live help customer service chat, click here for an overview.


Advanced moderation features

 12Planet Chat Server gives you the most complete set of tools for a total control of your chat rooms:

  • Moderation for chat event support: filter all the messages before they are published
  • Broadcasting of messages and let users know about important events whichever chat room they are in
  • Manually Kick / Ban users that are showing abusive behaviors
  • Automatic word filtering, flood detection to protect the chat room from abusive users even when no moderators is online




  • Multiplatform: built in pure Java, 12Planet Chat Server can be installed on almost any hardware platform and operating systems (Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows 2000/XP ...). Contact if you are looking for a .NET version of the server.
  • Multilingual interfaces: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Eastern Asian languages
  • J2EE compliant: use it standalone or with BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, SUN iPlanet, Oracle Application server
  • Dual communication mode (socket and HTTP tunneling) making communication over proxy and corporate firewall possible
  • External membership database single sign-on integration



Skin support to design a chat interface that becomes a tightly integrated module of your web site. Use the server APIs to create powerful extensions. Beyond Java, ActiveX controls are available if you want to embed a chat client into a Visual Basic, C++ Windows application.


Secure and Reliable

12Planet instant communication technology benefits from the experience of many years of software development and thorough testing. It can be safely used in business applications.

  • Secure access to server administration features
  • Pasword protected chat rooms
  • Secure SSL chat rooms
  • Advanced tuning options so the server performs the best on all platforms (memory, threads, cache...)



Is Java slow? First of all, not at all with a modern JVM that supports JIT and if programmed correctly! 12Planet makes a very wise use to Java features, only the fastest and most powerful features. The chat engine is designed and optimized to support heavy load and still provide an excellent response time. Thanks to a complex multilevel mutli-threading architecture, the chat server is in fact more reactive than most C or C++ based server solutions.

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